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AZEEM KHUSH KHABRI : Kal 7 Muharram (1434) = 22 Nov (2012) ko Hazrat Shaikhul Islam ne Qurane Kareem ki tafseer mukammal farma li hai... Allah Rabbul Izzat Hazrat ki is pur khuloos khidmat aur azeem kaavish ko qabul farmae... aur is Tafseer ke faiz ko puri duniya me aam farma de..

Madani Miya Arabic College organizing the 45 day Islamic Summer Camp 2013. Admission will start 1st April to 10th April 2013 and course will began on 15th April. Hostel Facility is Available. Contact on our Address. Mobile. 9343213638, 9448023291

Madani Miya Arabic College, Hubli, Karnataka.

Huzoor Shaykh al Islam took over the mantle of his eminent father Hadrat Muhaddith al A'zam al Hind Rahmatullahi ta'ala alayh, by spreading his spiritual teachings, in particular from 1963 onwards.

Hadrat's travels took him all over Asia and in particular to South India. Hadrat visited and spoke at many villages, towns and cities of Southern India. It was during his very first visit to Karnataka state, that Hadrat Shaykh al Islam laid the foundations for the Muhaddith al A'zam Mission's branch at the town of Hubli for the benefit of the entire Karnataka state. Under the auspices of the aforementioned Hubli Mission Branch, many learned Ulema and 'Khandaan ' family members of khanwada-e-Ashrafiya have been visting Karnataka State.

The many anniversaries "Urs" of the family members of the Ashrafiya Sadat is also celebrated. With the rapid spread of Hadrats character and personality many thousands of mureeds (disciples) were soon established. So in 1986 an Arabic College by the name of "Madani Miyan Arabic College" was proposed at the village of Tadas, in Hubli, Karnataka state by Hadrat Shaykh al Islam.

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